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Want to get rid off your car? No problem! We offer free car removals and cash for your vehicles! We pay up to $20,000 for your car!

We accepting all makes, models and years and we go to all NSW areas and surrounding suburbs.

You can depend on us to come and pick up your car no matter what time it is and what condition that car is in. We also have professional tow truck drivers that can pick up your car in any locations!

  • We buy vehicles with ANY makes, models and years

  • We buy vehicles in ANY conditions

  • We offer cash for scrap cars, free removals


Whether your vehicle is old, damaged, smashed, without rego, written off or perfectly fine, we will still offer you the best price.

Sell Your Car

We have been to tough areas all around NSW and this has enabled us to develop new skills and build our knowledge of NSW areas. Therefore, if your car is stuck in a difficult and hard situation, we are the right business to call!


The process is simple: We offer you cash and remove your car for free. By the end of the day you will have your car removed and a good amount of cash. Call us now on 0449 299 877.

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