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0449 299 877
All New South Wales Areas and Beyond!

How It works


It's really simple:

  1. - Call or text us on 0449 299 877.

  2. - We will answer you and ask you a few questions about your vehicle, then give you a price for your vehicle.

  3. - If we both agree on the price, we will get your address, and arrange with you a time to come.

  4. - The amount of cash you agreed on will be offered in cash when our tow truck driver arrives.

  5. - You will need to then fill out a simple form as proof of purchase.

  6. - Final step: The driver will take your car with his tow truck.

  7. That's It. Your vehicle is finally sold!

Can't Call Us?

Simply fill out the form & we will get back to you shortly.

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